7 Things You Must Never Do With a Narcissist


Although it’s dangerous to become a part of any activity involving a narcissist, there are some things that you must not do with them at any cost. These are a big no-no if you get entangled with the narcissist because of these activities. They know for sure a lot of pain is coming your way. What are these things? What am I suggesting you not to do with a narcissist? Let’s find out in this episode. I am Danish, a psychologist and a narcissistic abuse recovery professional. Welcome to my channel. Thank you so much for tuning in.

1 Never get involved with a Narcissist financially.

Do not get financially involved with a narcissist in any manner. Do not loan them money, do not get into a partnership with them, do not start a business, do not do anything that involves money. They are money hungry and they do not have a working moral compass. Their conscience would not push them to be fair to you monetarily. They will cheat you, they will deceive you for sure, and you are going to lose it all. What makes it worse is they won’t feel any remorse about cheating you. They think your money is their money, as your partner, as your parent, as your friend; they’re entitled to get it all. So, they try their level best to lure you into the trap and steal it away. They will ask you to burn all your savings and invest it in their startup, something that seems unique when in reality, their ideas have no uniqueness whatsoever. It’s their grandiosity that tells them nobody has ever thought about this thing in this way. They want you to trust in them, they want you to believe in them, and that is what you do as a partner, as a parent, as a child, as a friend. But when it comes to returns, when it comes to getting your money back, you do not receive even a penny. When taking from you, they will swear on their dead mother, they will swear on everything they can, and promise that they are going to give it back within a month. But then when it comes to receiving it, they are nowhere to be found.

2 Do not believe anything they say.

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