5 Weird Things Only Narcissists Do


Believe it or not, the main goal of a narcissist’s life is to cause you trouble and keep creating problems for you. Why? To what end? Well, to keep you involved. The more involved you stay, the more they feel in control of your life, and that is what they want to achieve. This is why they behave in seemingly weird yet strategic ways. You keep solving their problems, but the goalpost keeps moving, leading to chronic exhaustion. This is how they drain the soul out of you; your total energy and all your resources are wasted on fixing an unfixable problem. Let’s talk about this further in today’s episode.

Number One: A Narcissist will Intentionally Keep the House Messy

A narcissist will intentionally keep the house messy and promise to clean it but never do. You have to chase them, and they dangle the hope that one day they will do it. They may say, “Oh, an hour later,” or “Why are you being so pushy? Why are you nagging me?” But here’s the weird thing: they only clean the house just hours before someone arrives. Let’s say you’re expecting a guest and the narcissist knows this is an opportunity for them to look nice, to make it seem like they are a cooperative spouse or a great partner. Suddenly, they get a surge of energy and clean up. You’ll wonder why they did it this time when you’ve been begging them to organize their room or help with chores. It’s all about image and how they are perceived by others. They do it to maintain a fake reputation.

Number Two: They Will Intentionally Invite Someone Who Sides With Them

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