5 Shocking Money-Related Toxic Habits of a Narcissist


A narcissist’s relationship with everything in their life is dysfunctional and extreme, and money is just one of those things. They use money not only to enable their narcissism but also to control people in ways they can’t escape. Their relationship with money is extreme in that they either overspend, underspend, or spend in general based on the outcome they are trying to achieve or what they want to happen.

They Crave Luxury and Status and Try to Achieve Them Through Money

Number one: they crave luxury and status and try to achieve them through money. Some narcissists, like grandiose ones, exhibit one of the most common toxic money habits—craving luxury and status just for vanity and admiration. They are always drawn to products, services, and experiences that are high-end and luxurious without caring if they need them or not. They want the most expensive doctor, the best hairstylist, and the most famous beautician to differentiate themselves from the people they consider to be below them. They spend lavishly on whatever they think will make them look like a big shot and a VIP. Money enables them to associate with high-status people, celebrities, and other public figures because it makes them feel like they’re part of an elite group. They want people to know that they have money to burn and can afford the most luxurious and expensive things. In reality, spending like this is nothing but a band-aid put on an injury—a wound that needs stitches. It is a way to cover their insecurities under the blanket of false safety that money temporarily provides.

They Are Careless and Irresponsible with Money

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