5 Sadistic Things Narcissists Find Entertaining


Things that entertain you and me do not entertain narcissists, quite the opposite; things that you and I find appalling are the ones that they find entertaining and pleasing. Let’s find out what these things are in today’s article.

There are different things that motivate and make normal and healthy people happy, like the love for family, the need to help others, or success in a job. But narcissists in their selfish desires are motivated only by their narcissistic supply.

Part of a victim’s healing is going to be understanding that a narcissist does not think, feel, and desire the same things that we do. It’s critical that victims comprehend this, you cannot project how you think and feel onto the narcissist. We are two completely different species.

Plus, they have terrible impulse control and a complete lack of empathy for others and the harm and damage that they cause, and because of these things, they will enjoy and delight in many things that others absolutely hate.

In today’s article, we will learn about five crazy things narcissists find entertaining. Let’s get started!

How The Narcissist Views Your Silence

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