5 Extremely Abusive Things Narcissist Do That Don’t Feel like Abuse


Whenever I talk about narcissistic abuse, I focus on the details. I discuss specific things like six weird eating habits of a narcissist or five strange sleeping habits of a narcissist. Why? Because I believe trauma is in the details. It’s only after analyzing these details that we can understand why everything was abnormal in that relationship and what happened to you.

1 Narcissists gatekeep hygiene from you.

Narcissistic parents withhold affection, but they also withhold knowledge of bodily care. As you enter your teenage years, they don’t show you the way. They don’t teach you how to deal with your body odor, take care of your body hair, or accept yourself. Teenagers struggle with forming their identity, and narcissistic parenting makes it worse. You are left alone to sort it out. They weaponize your developing body, calling you smelly, stinky, or filthy. It’s often your friends or their parents who guide you on taking care of yourself. For children of non-narcissistic parents, this may seem insignificant. However, for us, children of narcissistic parents, it felt like we were dropped from the sky and landed on Earth all alone, having to create our own way.

2 Narcissistic parents exploit their children by uploading their videos non-consensually to earn money.

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