4 Things a Narcissist NEVER Gets Over


Narcissists project an image of invincibility and omnipotence. They present themselves as untouchable, unaffected by the mundane concerns and feelings that mere mortals experience. Their grandiose sense of self might make them appear as if nothing can dent their armor. However, beneath this impenetrable facade, there are certain experiences that completely destroy this illusion and leave them feeling powerless.

  1. Hating and wanting to hurt or destroy you for exposing them

Narcissists carefully paint this picture of themselves where they’re always the hero, the biggest victim, or the star. Think of it like they are building a tower made of cards. They want everyone to be awed by it, but when someone, which in this case is you, comes along and points out that the tower isn’t all that stable or that it is actually a bit crooked, the narcissist loses it. They feel like their whole world is crumbling down. It’s like a punch in their stomach. They go into battle mode and get super angry and fixated on you. They try to win by making the other person lose. However, deep down, they cannot get over the fact that they were exposed. It’s like a stain that just won’t come out. They act like they have moved on, but it eats at them. It doesn’t let them sleep at night, and they secretly ruminate over the fact that you were able to cause so much damage to their image. They may pretend they are happy and don’t even think about you, but the reality is they never let go. You act as a reminder of their mortified self, which remains with them until the very end.

  1. Losing control over you and not being able to use you again

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