2 Ways a Narcissist Reacts When You become Silent


How does a narcissist react when you go silent on them? Do they get impacted by your silence, or do they forget you completely? What happens? Let’s find out in today’s episode. I am Danish, a narcissistic abuse recovery professional and psychologist. Welcome to my channel, and thank you so much for tuning in.

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about two ways a narcissist reacts when you go silent. If that sounds interesting and you are eager to learn more, please make sure to subscribe. Your subscription helps spread awareness about narcissistic abuse.

1. They Really Panic and Become Anxious

Narcissists do not like to be ignored. They need to know what you’re thinking and feeling, and they need you to think about them constantly. That’s what their existence revolves around. If you go emotionally blank and physically silent, you become unpredictable, which is their worst enemy. They lose control over the situation and can’t stand not knowing what’s coming next.

When you go silent, it drives them crazy. They’ll try to push you to react by stalking you, calling your friends and family, hacking your social media, and even your security cameras to see what you’re up to. They especially want to know if you’ve moved on with someone else. If you have, it means you’ve replaced them, making them feel like a failure. This insecurity can make them vengeful and even more punitive.

Silence is deafening to a narcissist because it triggers their fear of abandonment. If you abandon them, they won’t last long without latching onto someone else. Your silence takes your power back. However, context is crucial. If you don’t need to engage with them financially, have no children with them, and don’t see them regularly, your silence is your biggest move. But if you have to deal with them frequently, your silence can be seen as a weakness.

2. They Take Your Silence as a Sign of Agreeableness

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