14 Traits of The Nice Guy Narcissist


Have you ever met someone who seems incredibly nice and charming, like they’re the friendliest person in the world? They have an excellent reputation, and everybody seems to adore them. They’re funny, kind, and always ready with a smile. They even go out of their way to help others, making what appear to be genuine sacrifices. These traits make them look like the nicest people you could meet. But, here’s the twist – there’s more to them than meets the eye.

These individuals are often referred to as “Nice Guy Narcissists.” They may not be as genuinely nice as they seem. This might sound a bit confusing, but as we explore their characteristics in more detail, you’ll start to see that there’s a hidden side to their personality.

The nice narcissist is recognized in the clinical literature, usually called The pro-social Narcissist. Evidence of this is a paper produced by Conrad in 2016 called The Strategic Helper: narcissism and pro-social motives and behaviors.

It’s actually a review of other people’s research that indicates that, yes, at times, if it’s advantageous, the Narcissist will engage in pro-social, meaning kind, giving, and generous, for the good of the environments around them if they see it as being beneficial for themselves.

The three traits that I’m going to start with are three traits that could apply to a nice person, but we have to start with the facade, the way they seem to be to the world. So, let’s dive into the traits that make up the intriguing world of the Nice Guy Narcissist.

Number 1: They have a great reputation, and everybody just loves them.

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