11 Surprising Things Narcissists Can’t Stand (Makes Them Miserable)


A narcissist is a person who refuses to acknowledge his own flaws and believes in his own infallibility. This state of mind is referred to as “narcissistic personality disorder” or simply “narcissism” in psychology.

A narcissist is someone who believes in his or her own superiority over others. It’s not difficult to spot him among pals. He makes an effort to be the center of attention, and he succeeds because others are much more modest. The narcissist himself makes a lot of noise, speaks loudly, and gestures a lot. He routinely makes fun of his friends and has no qualms about gossiping about his colleagues who are currently absent.

A narcissist is someone who has pathological narcissism as well as low self-confidence. He thinks of himself as attractive, intellectual, and brilliant, but he continually seeks validation from others.

So, in today’s topic, I’ll take you on a fascinating tour through the top 11 surprising things that narcissists despise.

On this journey, I’d like to start with the things that irritate people and work my way up to what they find TOTALLY unbearable!

Including the number one thing that narcissists can’t stand above all else!

So, let’s get started.

Number One: Insufficient Narcissistic Supply

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