10 Ways Narcissists Make YOU Look Like The Problem


Why is it that victims of narcissistic abuse either end up thinking that they’re the abuser or that no one will believe them? If this topic resonates with you, there’s a chance that you’ve gone back and forth, thinking that this person is a narcissist, and then doubting yourself, thinking maybe you were wrong. So let’s look at what a narcissist really is.

A narcissist is someone who believes that they’re special. They think they’re better than everyone else, even if they don’t actually say it outright. You’ll see it in their actions and how they treat people. They really don’t care about other people’s feelings, especially when those feelings are inconvenient for them. This is evidence of the narcissist not having a lot of emotional empathy. Even if they’re covert and more outwardly vulnerable, they will project a certain level of confidence, especially in certain areas of their life. But the narcissist is deeply insecure, and you’ll always find evidence of this in the way they treat you.

If you’re trying to figure out if someone in your life is a narcissist, you’re always going to be looking for patterns of behavior. It’s not just one phase in their life where they act a little bit selfish, and it’s not one-off things that they do. If they are exhibiting these behaviors consistently and showing no signs of changing, it doesn’t really matter if they’re a true narcissist or not. They’re showing you that they really don’t have a lot of respect for you, and that, in my opinion, is a lot more important than whether they could be diagnosed with a personality disorder or not.

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