10 Behaviors of People Who Experienced Mental Abuse from Narcissist


One day, you will learn the behaviors of people who experience mental abuse from nurses. These behaviors could harm oneself and future relationships. There are many factors that can cause a person’s behavior to change; people’s behaviors fluctuate like prices in the stock market. Like any type of change, behaviors can also change positively. However, behaviors changed due to mental abuse mostly appear negatively.

10 Behaviors to Watch from People Who Have Experienced Mental Abuse from Narcissists

Number 1: Overcompliant

Overcompliance is adjusting one’s behavior to conform to requests or directions from others. Overcompliance means always choosing to comply, despite having the option to refuse or regardless of one’s capacity to comply. This involves doing something one doesn’t really want to do simply because someone else asked. Victims often become overcompliant after mental abuse to avoid further abuse or to maintain relationships.

Number 2: Anxious and Depressed

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