Why Does a Narcissist Stare at You When You Sleep


They find it thrilling, and they love to make a fool out of you. When they jerk you out of your sleep by staring at you, they wait for the reaction at the end of it, which is why there’s always going to be a camera in their hand, waiting to take a picture so that they can share it with the world, especially with their next source of supply, to paint a picture of you being a crazy person. “See how big of a fool he or she is. See, this is what I have to put up with. They’re so stupid,” and so on. This displays their pure lack of empathy, concern, and compassion. They do not care if you have a heart attack from this kind of behavior because it is truly possible. They only care about the high they get from terrorizing you.

The crazy thing is, if you complain about this evil behavior, then you are made out to be the crazy, insensitive one who does not have a sense of humor and who does not understand a joke. “This was supposed to be a joke, and it’s your fault that you couldn’t get a joke.” It does not matter how creepy it was, it does not matter that it almost gave you a heart attack, it does not matter that it was unusual, bizarre, eccentric. Call it whatever. No, that is not what we are going to talk about; we are going to solely focus on your reaction to abuse, which was a biologically correct reaction, meaning anybody would have behaved the same way. No, that is going to be the problem, and I am going to make fun out of you. You will be crying, trembling in fear, and I will laugh like a madman. This is how their psychology works.

Number two: they plan and plot a lot.

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